Therapeutic Horticulture

Wild World Gardens understands the healing power of plants. We are certified in horticultural therapy from the Chicago Botanic Garden’s Horticultural Therapy Certificate Program (accredited by the American Horticultural Therapy Association). We can provide therapeutic garden design and personalized gardening programs that promote your healing and health.

What is horticultural therapy? We believe that all gardening is therapeutic, but horticultural therapy individualizes the use of plants and gardening activities to achieve physical, mental, and emotional health outcomes for people with disabilities, disease, illness, or impairment.

How does horticultural therapy work? Horticultural therapy recognizes the inherent connection between people and plants and uses the restorative ability of gardening to help people grow healthier in body, mind, and spirit. Scientific research shows that when interacting with plants and nature, individuals experience lower blood pressure, increased serotonin, reduced stress, improved attention, focus, and memory, and other positive psychological and emotional responses.

Our services:

  • Onsite consultations—We can review your residential or community space and provide design and installation of a therapeutic healing garden that is accessible, adaptive, and sensitive to individuals with varying abilities and needs. We can also upgrade an existing garden into a therapy garden.
  • In-house therapeutic horticulture programs—We can deliver hands-on garden therapy activities that are customized for an individual or group. All activities are based on horticultural therapy methods and they can be modified for outdoor and indoor programs.

— Featured image: Schwab Rehabilitation Center’s rooftop garden

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