Edible Gardens

Wild World Gardens would love to help you grow your own food. We believe that producing your own vegetables, fruits, and herbs is an important way to support you and your family’s health and to further connect to your local environment. Through the small, yet significant acts of sowing seeds, tending plants, and harvesting your hard work, you gain a better sense of the natural world and renew your relationship to the soil, the seasons, the sun, and the land. And you know exactly where your food is coming from—no pesticides, no GMOs, only fresh and nutritious produce that beats anything you would find at the store.

Whether you’re interested in raised beds for your backyard or containers for your balcony, we can help get your organic edible garden up and growing. We can provide garden planning guides, plant information and advice, design and installation of raised beds, in-ground beds, container gardens, and/or vertical gardens, and tips on preserving all of your homegrown goodies.


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